Screen recording, video messaging, and collaboration done right.

Enabling the workforce of the future.


Create, edit, and send screen recordings with a few clicks

Simple, fast, and efficient communication. Save time, energy, and convey your messages the way they were intended.


Collaborate and engage with your team

Create workspaces, invite team members, and organize content so everyone is always up to date on the most important information.


Onboard colleagues and upskill teammates with easy to create instructional videos

Create tutorials for new joiners to quickly educate them on company specific processes that can be continuously utilized.


Enjoy a single source of truth for your organization

Forgot which meeting a crucial decision was made? Or what that decision was? Forget no more! Meetings, transcripts and key decisions will all be stored, easily searchable, and organized for you to find at any time.

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For Analysts

Keep your team up to date on the statuses of what you are working on. Ask clarifying questions, get feedback, and show your team any problems you may be encountering.

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For Managers

Manage your team effectively by delegating tasks and getting updates without having to crowd everyone's calendars with yet another meeting.

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For Executives

Stay up to speed on everything going on in your organization with videos curated for you from all your direct reports. Watch at your desk or on the go.

Use Cases

  • Record and save interviews of all your candidates in an easily organized and searchable database
  • Pay attention to the candidate instead of focusing on taking notes
  • Share interviews with colleagues and get feedback on prospective candidates
  • Optimize your hiring process and lower churn

  • Easily teach and onboard new colleagues with customizable videos of their most important responsibilities
  • Ensure all HR tasks are completed with step-by-step instructional videos for new joiners
  • Create solution videos to frequently asked new joiner questions

  • Free up your calendar with asynchronous team catch ups
  • Request updates from team members on a recurring basis
  • Hold team members accountable with all decisions and action items stored

  • Record, edit, and send demos to all stakeholders in an instance
  • Promote collaboration on product decisions amongst colleagues
  • Get feedback, approvals, and make decisions all in one place that is easily stored and archived

  • Record, transcribe, and store your sales calls in an easily searchable database
  • See which sales pitches are working and what phrases are resonating
  • Discover which pain points your prospective customers are facing the most
  • Share best practices from sales team members across the organization

  • Record and store customer service calls to identify the highest volume intents
  • Highlight best practices from your top performing agents and share across the organization
  • Create and send easy to understand “how to” videos for customers when they are facing issues